The TaylorMade R11S Driver Best Price Review 


The new R11S Driver from TaylorMade takes the best features from the R11 and upgrades them to a new level. Designed for golfers of all handicaps, the R11S promotes increased distance, accuracy, and additonal tuning options. The familiar white crown tops off a larger titanium head with a lower center of gravity.


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TaylorMade R11S Driver


TaylorMade R11S

Retail: $399.95

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TaylorMade R11S Driver 1 


Key Features:

Flight Control Technology - Adjust the driver loft up or down by 1.5°

Adjustable Sole Plate Technology - Tune the driver by opening or closing the face by 3°

Moveable Weight Technology - Adjust the center of gravity between the heel or toe of the driver 

Maximum USGA size 460cc titanium head with Thick-Thin crown design that lowers the center of gravity

Inverted Cone Technology - Improves ball speed and accuracy with shots that are hit off-center

Glare free white crown with a black face for easier ball alignment


TaylorMade Driver R11S vs R11

   TaylorMade R11S Driver TaylorMade R11 Driver 

 TaylorMade R11S Driver

TaylorMade R11 Driver


$ 399.95

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$ 299.95

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 Head Volume 460cc 440cc
 Standard Lofts Available  9.0°   10.5°   12.0°  9.0°   10.5°
 Flight Control Technology

 Loft can be tuned ±1.5°

8 different positions are available

 Loft can be tuned ±1°

8 different positions are available

 Adjustable Sole Plate

Sole plate can adjust face angle by ±3°

5 different positions are available

 Sole plate can adjust face angle by ±2°

3 different positions are available

 Movable Weight Technology  Includes 10-gram and 1-gram weights that can be rotated to adjust the center of gravity and promote either a neutral or draw bias  Includes 10-gram and 1-gram weights that can be rotated to adjust the center of gravity and promote either a neutral or draw bias


Did you know? Once your round has started you will not be able to make any adjustments to your driver. Follow this link to the USGA for the official rules (4-2 a.).


TaylorMade R11S Adjustments - Use Images, Charts, and Videos to Properly Adjust Your Driver

Flight Control Technology

TaylorMade R11S Flight Control Technology 2The TaylorMade R11S features the ability to increase or decrease the standard loft on your driver by 1.5°.  This will give you a full 3° of adjustability with 8 different positions available.  Match the right launch angle for your swing and start hitting your longest and most accurate drives.  




TaylorMade R11S Adjustable Sole Plate



Adjustable Sole Plate Technology

The R11S driver now gives the player the functionality to open and close the face by 3°. The five sided sole plate can be tuned with this 6 degree range independently (meaning it will not affect the adjustment made to the loft). The included tool makes this an easy adjustment that can be made on the driving range. You will have 5 different settings to find the setting which will best fit your swing.




TaylorMade R11S Moveable Weight TechnologyMoveable Weight Technology

Tune your flight path by rotating the moveable weights to adjust the center of gravity to promote a neutral or draw ball flight.  Your drive will come with a 10-gram weight and a 1-gram weight.  Make your adjustments as follows:


TaylorMade R11S Moveable Weight Technology Flight Path



Draw Bias:   Put the 10-gram weight in the heel and the 1-gram weight in the toe

Neutral Bias:   Put the 1-gram weight in the heel and the 10-gram weight in the toe





See TaylorMade for additional information.  


 TaylorMade R11S Black Face



TaylorMade R11S Driver 5

TaylorMade R11S Driver 4


TaylorMade R11S Specifications


9.0 10.5 12.0



Head Properties



Lie Angle




Head Volume




Club Properties
Club Length




Club Swing Weight






 Shaft Properties

 Aldila® RIP PHENOM 60








TM 360

TM 360

TM 360

TM 360


TaylorMade R11S Driver 6


TaylorMade R11S Driver Side View


  TaylorMade R11S Close Up View